A Every 2 Mins X 5 Sets:
4 DL @20X1 @78-80% of DL RM
100FT DB Weighted Walking Lunges @moderate Load – rest 1 min
B2) 12 Dual DB Box Step-Ups (6/Leg) @Tough Load – rest 1 min
B3) Dual KB/DB OH Walk X100FT @Moderate Load
3 Sets: Rest 2 min
C) 6X6-10 Strict HSPU
rest as needed to keep your sets unbroken
D) 4X3 Min AMRAPs: Rest 2 Min
15/12 Cal AD
15 PS (75/55)
AMRAP Box Jumps (24/20)
E) 3-4 Sets:
30 Sec Hollow Hold
15 Sec Rest
30 Sec R Side Plank
15 Sec Rest
30 sec L Side Plank
rest as needed
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