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“Bedlam to me is family. Support .Community.
All the love, concern, and care not only from the coaches and administration at the top, but all the way down to fellow coworkers, and athletes. It’s a joy just to walk into Bedlam, that gym , that community, and feel welcomed, supported, and just respected. I love all of them. “ - Ms. Diana @utdialvarez

Don’t take it from us take it from Ms. Diana and the rest of our family that bring the good vibes day in and day out. 🤗

Feel good Friyay is in full effect yall! Let’s fitness together!


Come for the fitness, stay for the memories.

Happy Monday everyone!


✨June Pride month swag! ✨

Since 2013 our mission has been to create a community atmosphere that is inclusive and welcoming. We are a place you can call home that is safe for you to come as you are and be loved and challenged to be your best self.

Bedlam is for everyone. 🌈

Click the link in our bio as this sale will end fast so we can get your shirts in quickly! You can also order if you’re from out of town and get it shipped to you. 🤗

Thank you @flagshipprinting for another awesome design!


An oldie but a goodie

In today's workout you have the option to do muscle ups.
Here are a couple things to
💥maintain tension on the rings by constantly pulling down on them as you're making your hollow and arch shapes.

💥Stay long by squeezing EVERYTHING and keep your legs straight. Scorpion legs means loss of tension.

💥The more you pull to your HIPS the higher you will catch in your dip. Practice with some hip to rings as you warm up.

💥Be aggressive in the turnover, much like when you snatch, the turnover should never be passive.

Have fun today y'all!

New cycle starts today! It’s sure to wake you up and get this week started. 🔥


We hope that you are recovering just as hard as you work in the gym.

It does your body no good to push it to the limits if you aren’t doing what is necessary to adapt, rebuild, and rest from the stress you put it through.

Are you sleeping 8 hours a night? 😴

Are you drinking at least half your weight in oz of water? 💧

Are you eating enough food to not only live your daily life but also support your activity levels? 🏃

Are you moderating alcohol/sugar/processed food intake and ensuring the majority of your meals are rich in nutrients and balanced? 🍱

Nutrition + Stress management + Sleep +fitness work hand in hand.

Placing priority solely in fitness while negating everything else limits your potential and will eventually lead to a plateau.

Don’t know where to begin? Let us help your out of your rut and lead you in the direction towards your goals.


Bedlam…. Our annual summer party BACK! Save the date as you don’t wanna miss out on the fun!
More details to come regarding day of, swag, food, activities and more!


Be stronger than your excuses.
Happy Monday Fam!


There will be times it feels like you’re not moving the needle.

One day you’ll feel strong and then the next the weight on the bar doesn’t reflect what’s on your mind.

The weight on the scale may point in a direction up or down that you don’t want it to go.


You are not alone. This is all a part of the journey you’re on.
Progress won’t be linear but those peaks and valleys will trend in the direction you want them to go if you just stay consistent.
Trust in the process.
Trust in yourself.
You can do this.
Allow your body and mind the time to build new connections, reprogram from bad habits, and take nourishment where it’s needed.

This is where you’re supposed to be. 🙏🏽


Join us this Saturday for a very special community WOD honoring our mamas!
Workout with your littles if you like as everything will be scalable for their age and appropriate.

Following the WOD we’ll have coffee, pastries, fruit, and mimosas available for you to enjoy and hang around. 🤗

See you there!

Fitness and nutrition are not just areas you get better in over night.
It takes discipline.
It takes hard work.
It takes consistency.
It takes making the choice to create newer habits that come together to get you where you want to be. There is no deadline. It’s a life long journey.


It is what we do but also we do not do that either gets us closer to accomplishing our goals or sets on further back.

The direction you’ll go depends on you.
Hold yourself accountable to the dreams you’ve set before you,
Draft a plan,
And execute.

Happy Monday Fam


Let your strongest muscle be your will.
New week let’s go!


Mid 21.2 naps 😴


Exactly one year ago we had our last Monday workout before we were told to shut down for two and a half months.
As uncertain as things seemed we didn’t let it rattle us from continuing to work on our health.
One year later, the music is blasting louder, the open has returned and we are inching closer to leaving that 2020 vibe behind.
The gym came alive on Friday during 21.1.
That familiar feeling where everyone’s energy was in sync and so happy to be in the same room doing what we always do.

Here’s to never losing that spirit and continuing to arm ourselves with the antidote for many of the diseases that plague humanity.
Keep moving.
Keep nourishing your bodies.
Stay relentless.


One week left until the open!
Teams will be randomized later today. Be on the lookout for more info regarding our format for this years in-house open competition!


The winter storm last week may have knocked out our power but it couldn’t touch our resilience and love for our neighbors.

As Texans across the state are working to get back to some level of normal; there are still many without the necessary resources.

Here’s where we can help make a difference. 👊🏽 Join us in the fight to help feed those in need by purchasing some “Texas Strong” swag!

For every item sold, $10 will be donated to @feedingtexas , a network of food banks across the state that work endlessly to help families put food on their table.

Share this everywhere and with anyone who would love to help. 🙏🏽 Free shipping straight to your door!
Click the link in our bio to order.

Design: @flagshipprinting 👌🏾


Good things come to those who squat. 😉


Back to regularly scheduled fitness.

We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.
So many of you reached out to help your fellow fam and neighbor and it was greatly appreciated.

You helped to provide shelter, food, and water to those in need and that’s what being a good human is all about. 🙏🏽

We are happy to have all of you back and ready to get back to your routines.
Here’s to sticking together through thick, thin, and freezing temperatures.
Let’s get after it Bedlam!


How we feel about opening tomorrow and seeing all of your lovely faces 😍❤️😭

If you’re able, come join us for the
4pm, 5pm, and 6pm classes.

We have missed you so much fam!


Here is this years Open 2021 design!
Thank you @flagshipprinting for coming through with our SA Fiesta Spur inspired design.

Members, be sure to fill out the form in our bio to register for a tee and let us know if you will be participating in our in-house competition as well.

Date to order by is February 22nd.


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