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Good things come to those who squat. 😉


Back to regularly scheduled fitness.

We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.
So many of you reached out to help your fellow fam and neighbor and it was greatly appreciated.

You helped to provide shelter, food, and water to those in need and that’s what being a good human is all about. 🙏🏽

We are happy to have all of you back and ready to get back to your routines.
Here’s to sticking together through thick, thin, and freezing temperatures.
Let’s get after it Bedlam!


How we feel about opening tomorrow and seeing all of your lovely faces 😍❤️😭

If you’re able, come join us for the
4pm, 5pm, and 6pm classes.

We have missed you so much fam!


Here is this years Open 2021 design!
Thank you @flagshipprinting for coming through with our SA Fiesta Spur inspired design.

Members, be sure to fill out the form in our bio to register for a tee and let us know if you will be participating in our in-house competition as well.

Date to order by is February 22nd.


Before you set out to do anything in life, you’ve got to believe in yourself first.

We all have a day 1. Never let inexperience steer you away from the potential you have to do great things.

Happy Friday Eve fam. See you for some bench tomorrow 💪🏽


PRs when you least expect it are the best.

Here’s to getting all your sleep and eating balanced and aligned with your goals so you could crush big barbells and feel your best. 👍🏽


Happy Monday everyone!

@dr.aaronstares with @performancerepublic is back this year and he wants to help YOU!

Join us for our first monthly workshop this Saturday before our class WOD to discuss this months topic: SHOULDERS

He will also be offering pain and injury assessments this
Tuesday Feb 2nd
12:30-1:30pm and 4:30-7pm
for all of our current members.


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