Getting Started

“The Bar has been Raised”

“Getting Started”

Are you interested in reaching your body’s innate physical potential to become one of the best in the world of fitness? We would love to help!

Why Bedlam Athlete?

Bedlam Athlete is based off the OPEX methodology that is grounded off scientifically proven data that drives people to reach their maximum potential as an athlete. We ourselves as a team prescribe to the same methodology and are here to help our athletes become the best version of themselves both physically and mentally. Our coaches are committed to enhancing their education through “continuing education” within the industry, and strive to help you passionately pursue your body’s potential.

What to expect from Bedlam Athlete?

Quality through accountability, integrity, and knowledge as well as an unending journey to find and refine yourself.

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Comparison is the thief of joy.

When you shift your focus towards self instead of what others are doing, you find you start progressing faster than before.

Train harder for YOU.

Lift heavier for YOU.

Eat to fuel your body for YOU.

Root for others and encourage their work while knowing that you’re on your own journey and capable of so much too.

There is only one of you. Respect your uniqueness and revel in your own accomplishments. 🙌🏽


Special shoutout to this father-son duo on their outstanding performances this weekend at @poweroutput .

@wytt.w competed in the TEEN division and let his competitor spirit shine! He snagged himself the top spot 🥇 and even PRD his thruster during competition. 🙌🏽

His father Paul, was among a stacked group of individuals representing the 50+ group. He fought with all his might despite having an injury and earned himself a 🥈 finish.

You two have worked very hard over the years and we hope that this weekend reminded you that no matter what age you are, the competitive spirit never weakens or dies. Keep it up y’all 🙌🏽

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