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Bedlam CrossFit is not a typical gym. We are Texas’ Elite Fitness Facility specializing in teaching the CrossFit standards of “fitness”, “health” and “athleticism.” Our fitness, being “CrossFit”, comes through molding men and women that are equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter, and multi-modal sprinter or “sprint athlete.” Bedlam CrossFit strives to break away from the current, flawed fitness model we see so prevalent in America. You will not find mirrors, universal machines, or disinterested staff. What you will find are all the tools necessary to build elite levels of fitness, and trainers committed to get you there.
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Daily WOD

New WOD released 5 days a week. We offer Individual Program Design for those seeking a competitive edge.

Bedlam Athlete – #78 – De-Load

Friday AM Session
A) 3X400m Runs @65-75%
Rest 90 sec b/t sets – these are warm up for the 800
1 Sets: 800m Run @AFAP – Push as HARD as you can here

PM Session
A) FS – Build to a heavy Double for the day
B) For Time: Try and beat previous score
30 Squat Snatch (175/115)
C) For Time: 21-15-9
DL (225/135)
BJ Overs (30/24)

Bedlam Athlete – CrossFit – #77

A1) 5X3 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups @2 Set Pause at top – heavier than last week- rest 90 Sec
A2) 15 Perfect C2B X 5 Sets- rest 90 Sec
B) 10 Sets:
100m Run
5-8 Kipping HSPU – try for unbroken everytime
1 Rope Climb
C) For time:
50-40-30-20-10 WB (20/14)
25/18 Cal AD b/t sets of Wb
D) 4X25 GHD Set-Ups- aim for sets to be unbroken
rest 2 mins

Bedlam Athlete – CrossFit – #76

A) BS @20X0 – rest as needed
3X1 @82% of BS RM
3X1@87.5% of BS RM
B) 5X4 TnG Power Clean – Heaven than last week
Rest as needed
C) 4X3 Min AMRAPs – rest 2 mins b/t sets
50 DU
8-10 Burpee BJ Overs (24/20)
Round 1 – (135/95)
Rond 2 – (115/75)
Round 3 – (95/65)
Round 4 – (75/55)
D) Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge X 15-20/ leg
Rest as needed X 4 Sets

CrossFit – Bedlam Athlete #75

4X4 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups @2 Set Pause at top – rest 90 Sec
12-18 Perfect C2B X 4 Sets- rest 90 Sec
B) 3 Sets:
1 Legless RC
12 Push Press @50% of PP RM
50FT HS Walk
12 Strict HSPU – scale to kipping if this cant be done in one set
rest 2 mins
C) For Time
800M Run
35 KBS (53/35)
25 Parrallette Facing Burpees
Push the run, unbroken KBS and sell out on Burpees
5:30=6:30 is the goal
3X25 GHD Set-Ups- aim for sets to be unbroken
Rest as neededrest 2 mins

CrossFit – Bedlam Athlete #74

A) BS @20X0 – rest as needed
3X2 @80% of BS RM
3X2@82.5-85% of BS RM
B) 5X5 TnG Power Clean – Build through your sets
Rest as needed
C) “DT”
12 DL (155/105)
6 S2OH
D) Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge X 15-20/ leg
Rest as needed X 3 Sets

CrossFit – Bedlam Athlete #73

Monday AM
A) 6X1000m Row – rest 3 mins b/t sets
B) 10 Min EMOM
20 Sec L-Set on Parrallates
A) Paused Push Press 6X2 @22X2 – rest 2 mins –
B1) 3-5 @30X1 Strict HSPU to a deficit – rest 30 Sec
B2) Db Bent Over RowX 6-8 Reps @31X1 – rest 30 sec – HAP
B3) AMRAP Unbroken Ring Push-Ups
X 3 Sets – rate 2-3 mins
C) 10 Min EMOM
3-5 Ring Muscle Ups – Continue to practice solid reps here
D) For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 – Air Squats
25/20 Cal Row
50 DU

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You can’t grow into the diamond that you are without a little pressure.
When something’s weighing you down you can always push right back.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

There are people in this life that can change you in a way you didn’t think you needed to.
Gabe did that for us.
He walked through our doors some years back a young kid that just loved to workout and hang with his friends. Who doesn’t?
Little did we know what he would transform into in just a few short months and what kind of an imprint he would leave in our hearts forever.
He’s a kind man, a generous and noble one too. What we love most about him though, is his determined spirit.
Gabe has worked endlessly toward his dream of serving others through the fire department.
For years he pushed himself physically and mentally in hopes to earn his place among a highly competitive group of men fighting for the same spot. With many lessons learned he rose in spite of some very difficult defeats and was was inspired to work harder.
It’s your time now buddy.
You did it.
This parting is bittersweet. We’d be lying if we said this doesn’t gut us but our elation over this accomplishment outweighs any sadness we feel in your absence.
Thank you for your coaching, your friendship, and your undying love and compassion for people.
You made this place a home and we can’t wait to see what you do and where this next chapter takes you.

From GTB —> GTF
Gabe the Babe to Gabe The Fireman 🤣

"Be patient with yourself. You are growing stronger every day. The weight of the world will become lighter...and you will begin to shine brighter. Don't give up." - RT
Have a great start to your week fam!
📸 @cassgphoto

Moving with intention, what does that even mean?
It means being where your feet are and focusing on what you’re doing.
It’s listening to your body and what it’s trying to say.
It’s hearing feedback and making adjustments in order to move more efficiently and safely.
It’s kicking ego to the curb and modifying according to YOU.
One of our main goals as coaches is to get you to focus LESS on how much weight is on the bar and MORE on how to move.
Worry less about the movements you don’t have and care more about the ones you do and how well you can do them at any speed.
Gift yourself awareness, the ability to see, feel, and adapt to what you experience during your fitness.
The more mindful we become, the more we move with virtuosity.
@chrisdangerwastaken was 4 rounds into a 5 round intensity interval. Was he fatigued? Yes. Can you tell by this video? Likely not.
The attention he and others place in their movements allow them to not be inhibited by the skills they need to perform.
Well done Chris. 👍🏼

How far along in your fitness journey you go is completely up to you.
📸 @cassgphoto

No matter if it’s your day 1 or day 100,
the work remains the same and it isn’t going to get done on its own.
We’ve got a fresh week fam, let’s get after it!
📸 - @cassgphoto

Our lucky year. ⭐️
It may not appear that way at times halfway through a very rocky 2020, but we would beg to differ.
Over the years we’ve grown some, made mistakes, expanded our vision, And served our local community to a soundtrack blend of Fetty Wap, JCole, and Meek Mill.
We’ve used fitness as a bridge to bring people together who want a difference in their lives.
A home for all, Bedlam is a place you can come to to feel heard, be loved, and get those gains.
There’s only so much we can say about it but it doesn’t quite get to the bottom of it. It’s a vibe all it’s own.
We want to know about your experience with us! Comment below with your favorite Bedlam memories. ❤️
Thank you all for 7 wonderful years. We look forward to what we can do together for many to come.

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