Individual Program Design

We here at BedlamAthlete believe that an individual approach to reach your maximum potential is absolutely necessary when you reach a certain level of Fitness!!!

To make the transition to the next step in your fitness journey, please contact us so we can talk more about your specific needs and goals and tailoring a program that fits you best.

Individual Program Design

For those seeking a competitive edge, the individualized program design will be very specific for the individual athlete’s goals. You will meet one on one with a coach in person to discuss goals, strengths, weaknesses and nutrition. The coach will assess the athlete and devise a plan from there. In this program, you will not be working with your coach each session; rather you will receive your program and perform the prescribed workouts for each session.

This program includes:

  • Offers initial consultation to go over our individual application and assess progress thus far as well as a roadmap to achieve the individual’s goals as quickly as possible.
  • Programming delivered on a weekly basis.
  • One 30-minute consult per month at client’s convenience.
  • On-going email/ call support at client’s convenience.

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