Eric Wright

Why Crossfit?

Before I started CrossFit I was stuck in the usual grind of back and bi’s and the struggle of finding a bench to use on Monday. The routine was growing old and the motivation becoming harder and harder to find. There was a certain intensity and challenge missing from the workouts. I thought about one of the Benchmark WODs I had attempted and thought I would give Crossfit a try. I showed up at Bedlam and never left.

Why Bedlam?

I had waited on John-Austin and Jess one afternoon at the restaurant I was working at while they were wearing a Bedlam shirt. I asked about the gym and they encouraged me to stop by to try out a couple classes. From the first class and every class afterwards there was a positiveness from the coaches and the members. Even more so the coaches were very active in class while coaching, ensuring good form was kept. Overall, it is the support that Bedlam offers. We always support each in the gym, have the loudest crowd at competitions, and raise each other up.

My 1st CF Experience?

My first true CF experience was at Bedlam. I walked in on a Saturday while they were running through a nasty unbroken thruster ladder. After watching the guys lift weights I had thought improbable, I loaded up my bar with 95 lbs and went to work. I failed the set of eight’s three times before I had to throw in the towel. I was hooked. I was also sore all over the next day.

What Drives Me?

Failure. The fear of failure. Not just failing a rep or not being able to complete a workout RX, but failing somebody else. I show up to train everyday so I don’t fail my training partner. I coach classes because I enjoy it. I enjoy helping people achieve what they had once thought was impossible. If I don’t coach and do it well, I have failed.

My Biggest Achievement?

Finding my passion. Everybody talks about finding what makes them happy. I have fortunately found it. I have the chance to help people to live longer, to play with their kids, to be active, to live a better life.